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  1. Kijas
    Designed to break, bend, or fall apart easily upon impact, especially to create an illusion, as with a theater prop, or for safety, as with a highway sign or barrier. 2. Severing or having severed alliance with another entity, policy, or attitude: a group of breakaway political reformers. Reply
  2. Kagale
    To divide into pieces, as by bending or cutting: break crackers for a baby. Reply
  3. Samusida
    Break Away synonyms. Top synonyms for break away (other words for break away) are break, escape and come off. Reply
  4. Kazimi
    Mar 03,  · Break Away Lyrics: Break away / I'm gonna love you / I'm gonna love you / Take another look / You get me undone / Steal another gaze / And I'll lose what I won / I'm gonna break away. Reply
  5. Meztihn
    If you break away from something or someone that restricts you or controls you, you succeed in freeing yourself from them. Many contemporary designers have tried to break away from classical formal patterns. [VERB PARTICLE + from] The group broke away from the Labour Party in Reply
  6. Arashinos
    To break away from the rules of the outside world - grammar You gonna break away ''break away'' in the meaning of ''Escape'' - English Only forum All young people to break away as if the world were - English Only forum. Reply
  7. Tygolkree
    (ESCAPE) to leave or to escape from someone who is holding you: He grabbed her, but she managed to break away. figurative One or two of the tourists broke away from the tour group. Reply
  8. Gasar
    Breakaway, located in Danvers, MA, is the North Shore leader in live entertainment, casual dining and functions of all sizes. Our unique facility has something to offer from top live entertainment, multiple function rooms, our everyday tavern and patio, character brunches, wedding packages and much more! Reply
  9. Meztilkis
    Break away definition, to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: He broke a vase. See more. Reply

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