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  1. Kajinn
    The repurposed Power Morpher. The Triceramax Command Center Truck is summoned using a device that includes a Power Morpher.; The command truck that the rangers are in to travel to Mesogog's island is the same truck used in Power Rangers Ninja Storm but repainted.; This is the only time Connor uses his Triassic Ranger powers without the need of Ethan and Kira lending their energy. Reply
  2. Gashakar
    With the weapon on its way to Earth, Archer leads a small team to intercept it before it can strike; T'Pol leads Enterprise on a mission to destroy one of the spheres in the Expanse. (Season finale) The Xindi weapon is inside a vortex with a Xindi-Reptilian starship. Aboard the vessel, Commander Dolim stands with two other Xindi-Reptilian officers, one of whom joins Dolim in imagining how the Missing: Voltage. Reply
  3. Zolobei
    frankly the difference between 48V and V doesn't seem to be that significant. V is times higher than 48V - hardly what I would call 'not that significant'. VAC is even worse, for two reasons: . VAC has a peak voltage of V, times higher than 48VDC.. The 'electric shock' feeling occurs on every peak of the AC waveform, whereas with DC it mostly occurs on initial contact. Reply
  4. Vukasa
    A collection of the best B sides EP and album tracks that may have missed your attention the first time around, a taste of the labels depth and diversity across the catalogue. Jonny L, Command Strange, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Dr Meaker Voltage. V Recordings. $ Nervous System EP. Reply

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